Utorch DH09 LED Smart Balancing Magnetic Table Lamp – Dark Gray

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Main Features
• Warm light Effect
It serves best as an ornament on your writing, bedside or coffee table to create a warm atmosphere
• Easy to use
You can use the lamp with two magnetic wooden balls. When you fold the lower wooden ball, it will be attracted to the upper ball so that the light goes. If not, the light goes
• Elegant appearance
This lamp has adopted a design where the lighting element is incorporated into the frame so that the light can find its way. The gentle curve makes it easy to eye and calm
• Excellent workmanship
Smooth surface and high transmittance lampshade, can but be enjoyed as a piece of art in your home or office

• Cable length: 1m
• LED: 5V, 3W
• Color temperature: 2700K
• Lifespan: more than 20,000 hours
• Light color: warm white
• Plug type: from USB AC type
• Material: ABS

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FAQ for Utorch DH0039
How does Utorch DH09 open and close?
When closing the lower magnetic sphere up to the upper magnetic sphere, let the two balls suck and the light will turn on. When the light goes out, put the magnetic ball down and the light goes out. Be careful not to drop the ball to the bottom.

What kind of power adapter does the Utorch DH09 connect to?
Use the Type-C line charge in the package and use the standard 5V / 1A or 5V / 2A for the adapter.

Why do I hang the magnetic ball down and the lights come on?
A switch is attached to the bottom of the magnetic sphere line, and when the magnetic sphere is allowed to drop, the switch is also subjected to force, and the light turns on. So when we turn off the lights, do not hang the magnetic sphere low, just put it in the position of the magnetic sphere line.

How long is the life of Utorch DH09 LED lamp?
LED lights can be used for more than 20,000 hours, equivalent to five hours a day, and for 11 years.

The Utorch DH09 lamp Can it be used as a table lamp?
Yes, the power is 3W, it can be used as a reading lamp and so on. The color is warm.

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